Welcome to Overseas Maharashtrian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Group

Vision & Mission


To establish a platform for nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship within the UK based Maharashtrian community.


  • Promote entrepreneurship by creating a strong platform for collaboration.
  • Create avenues for coaching and mentoring professionals as well as entrepreneurs.
  • Sponsor networking opportunities to cross-pollinate ideas and also facilitate learning and growth.
  • Represent Maharashtrian entrepreneurship within and outside the UK.
  • Champion the cause of community advancement with leading government and non-government institutions.
  • Assume the role of a conduit to augment communication with industry institutions from India in general and Maharashtra in particular.

Ideology, values and behaviours

The OMPEG encourages following ideology, values and behaviours amongst its members.


  • Every individual has the potential to be an entrepreneur.
  • Definition of success for every individual is different.
  • Risk taking needs encouragement and support.
  • Every individual can positively impact their community and society in general.
  • Every individual acts with a positive intention.
  • All of us can learn from each other.
  • Working together brings in significant growth and joy.


Entrepreneurship | Leadership | Collaboration | Openness | Ownership | Integrity | Respect | Growth


  • A member shall encourage cooperation and collaboration with other members as best possible and mutually beneficial.
  • A member will make their best endeavour to share success and failure stories for the benefit and learning of other members.
  • A member will participate in OMPEG events and initiatives to companion a spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration.
  • A member, whilst networking for growth will not use OPMEG only as an easy advertising front.
  • A member will neither bring in their personal religious or political views in the context of OPMEG, nor will OMPEG endorse any specific views.