Welcome to Overseas Maharashtrian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Group


OMPEG began as an idea in 2015 and was nurtured by UK’s well-known Maharashtrian business and community leaders to grow as a platform for collaboration.

In just 5 years, it has now become a highly respected platform and a brand run by Maharashtrians, for Maharashtrians, who want to venture into an entrepreneurial journey. A place that provides the necessary moral and material support to instil entrepreneurial zeal within the Maharashtrian community and provide an alternative to so-called false security of a job.

The idea was also to fundamentally change the image of Maharashtrians in the UK as front-runner business leaders.

OMPEG was formally launched in 2016 as a fee-based membership organisation and since its inception has provided ideas and inspiration to many professionals and entrepreneurs in the UK-based Maharashtrian community. It has served as a catalyst to convert ideas into successful ventures. Ventures in diverse areas ranging from Food, Travel, Mortgage solutions, and Fashion to FinTech. Many of these ventures are led by first-generation Maharashtrian women entrepreneurs.

OMPEG provides an excellent ecosystem consisting of volunteers and members. This ecosystem not only provides inspiration, guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities but also crucial services for setting up and running a venture: accounting, legal, copyrights, branding, technology support. Finally funding avenues.

OMPEG’s Flagship Events and Activities

  • OMPEX – Annual mega business expo to showcase Maharashtrian businesses in the UK.
  • Pathfinder – Industry experts talk about future trends and relevance to businesses. This is a quarterly panel conversation series that includes OMPEG members and industry experts.
  • Anniversary Celebration – A gala annual celebration, looking back, looking forward, Keynote speakers and honouring inspiring member stories and accomplishments.
  • Industry Expert Sessions – Periodic events by industry experts from various fields to the benefit of the OMPEG community.
  • Member Promotion – Independently organised events/webinars by members to promote their business

Please note that we are inclusive for all communities, however, our core work lies within the Maharashtrian community in the UK. (Hence, people who have connections with the state of Maharashtra in India, either by birth, education and business.)


Are you a,

  • Professional and want to network/share your knowledge?
  • Wantreprenuer with ideas not letting you sleep?
  • An entrepreneur who wants to sell, collaborate, and grow?
  • Young entrepreneurs looking for guidance and support?

Or you feel a strong affiliation towards Maharashtra and want to be involved in some ways? Then please join us today as a member. We are a fee-based organisation and details about membership can be found at https://www.ompeg.org.uk/membership/