OMPEG Membership Subscription

From: £10.00 / month

OMPEG membership is £10 per month. Select your payment frequency and pay using your credit card or debit card. You will be charged automatically at a chosen frequency.


General Membership Information and Terms

  • OMPEG membership is open to all entrepreneurs, i.e. a person running a business with 1 or more employees.
  • OMPEG membership is open to all professionals, i.e. either self-employed, one-person company or professionals in corporate or public sector institutions including health services.
  • OMPEG is a community- based organisation and our primary work is to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in the UK based Maharashtrian community. The key criteria will be a member’s existing or ancestral association with the state of Maharashtra, India.
  • As such a member need not be affluent with the native language of the state (Marathi) as long as there is a direct personal association with the state by means of birth, residence, extended business operations etc.
  • All our current work and events are UK based only.
  • All OMPEG members are expected to work collaboratively to grow this community by following OMPEG member guidelines for values and behaviours.
  • The Core Group of OMPEG reserves the right (at their discretion) to deny or cancel a membership.

Membership Fees

  • The fee will be £10 / per month.
  • The fee can be paid in advance (rolling automatically) in Monthly, Quarterly, Six-Monthly or Yearly options.

Membership Types 

  • General Membership (Fee-based): This comprises of open membership for entrepreneurs and professionals across the UK. Please note: Those who joined OMPEG as a member on the day of its formation in 2016 are also often termed as “Chartered Members”.
  • Honorary Membership (Free): This comprises of membership extended to industry leaders, academicians, donors, patrons, political leaders.

Membership Privileges

OMPEG Events:

  • FREE Access to OMPEG’s members-only exclusive events.
  • FREE or subsidised booking for Business expo stalls.
  • Preference booking in OMPEG’s open events.
  • Access to OMPEG’s partner / industry collaboration events, wherever possible.

Social Media – OMPEG FB / Twitter / WhatsApp:

  • OMPEG FB / Twitter / WhatsApp channels
  • Preference to member’s relevant posts to promote their business / events / initiatives
  • Access to OMPEG’s WhatsApp group

Membership Benefits

  • Build a new network with entrepreneurs and professionals across the UK.
  • Showcase your business, ventures and ideas.
  • Learn from industry influencers and newsmakers.
  • Access resources and guidance in your business or about making a transition from professional to business.
  • Share your pathfinder success and failure stories.
  • Champion an idea through an established influence group.
  • Enjoy personal and business growth through new learning and networking.