Welcome to Overseas Maharashtrian’s Professionals and Entrepreneurs Group

OMPEG UK Members’ Honours

OMPEG is proud to acknowledge and felicitate the real wealth creators (the entrepreneurs!).

Whether they be entrepreneurs (have ideas but not yet started or have ideas and are about to start i.e. are in incubation), entrepreneurs (those who have started the arduous but rewarding journey – 0-5 years and 5+ years) and professionals (those who have achieved exceptional growth in their company for the implementation of one or more of their entrepreneurial ideas).

  1. Pre-launch (incubation) – OMPEG “Dare To Dream”
  2. 0 – 5 years (start-ups) – OMPEG “Fire In The Belly”
  3. Established (5+ yrs) – OMPEG “Eagle’s Nest”
  4. Professionals – OMPEG “Chanakya”